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Sunny Singh


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Hotel Arcadia

A personal, intellectual and emotional journey which crosses five continents and 50 years of modern Indian history and cinema and explores why Bollywood means so much to so many across the globe.

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A Bollywood State of Mind: A journey into the world's biggest cinema

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About Sunny

Sunny is a writer, novelist and public intellectual, and widely recognised as a champion for decolonisation and inclusion across all aspects of society. Her books include the highly acclaimed novel Hotel Arcadia and a study of Amitabh Bachchan for the BFI’s film star series. In 2016, she launched the celebrated Jhalak Prize for literature by writers of colour. She is also a founder of the Jhalak Foundation that is focused on a range of literary, artistic and literacy initiatives in the UK and beyond. Sunny was born in Varanasi, India. She read English and American Literature at Brandeis University in the USA before gaining a Masters in Spanish Literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi and a PhD from the Universitat de Barcelona. She lives in London.


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