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#wherebooksgo is a fun crowdsourcing project that traces Hotel Arcadia’s travels around the world with the readers.
Just snap a photo of your copy of Hotel Arcadia and send it in by email or upload it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag.


Hotel Arcadia

“Sunny Singh’s Hotel Arcadia is the ultimate nail-biting thriller, as well as a work of literary art worthy of a Booker Prize shortlist.”
Edward Wilson


“The excellence of this novel is its canny synthesis of elements: the essential thriller plot (at times reminiscent of the most powerful writing of Graham Greene; no mean feat in itself) and the careful accretion of character detail…”
Barry Forshaw


“It’s well-written, tightly-plotted and great fun.”
Amanda Craig





Sunny Singh is a London based writer. She has published three novels, a non-fiction book on lives of single women in India, numerous short stories and essays.

Her new novel, Hotel Arcadia, is published by Quartet Books and available from bookshops and e-retailers across UK.





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Thoughts on #Metoo. If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote “Me too” as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem. Please copy/paste. Further to this: The silence from men is deafening. And no, I don’t want to hear platitudes from you. I don’t want ‘I believe you’ or ‘expletives’ and so on. I need you to speak to other men. I need to you to speak OPENLY with other men. This one is ENTIRELY on you. I also need you to start noticing what you consume: how narratives that enable this entitlement men feel to women lives, bodies, minds is built in to culture. So when YOU don’t notice – or really don’t care about – the sexism in GoT or Bladerunner or Star Wars (or Bollywood/Korean/Nollywood/Chinese/French/Italian cinema), YOU enable this behaviour. I also need you to STOP making this about you. Do you feel bad that you have structural advantages and safety that I don’t? Good. You should! But don’t make it MY work to nudge you out of your manly sulk, to comfort you and EXPLAIN yet again how my life as a woman is not fun. Really believe you love women in your life? Then do some work. On your own! I added this because I hope the many young women who reach out to me online and IRL will feel less alone. That men AND women will realise that social class doesn’t protect us; professional success doesn’t protect us; hell, even racism does not protect us! But mostly because in a culture that assigns shame to the victims of injustice, speaking of it is an act of courage. And if seeing women in relative ‘positions of power’ say #MeToo helps even one woman, it is worth it.

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#Oxford, am coming up for this panel discussion on Monday. Come say hello:–bigotry-and-racism,-from-the-global-to-the-local-/

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In Convo tomorrow with Ofra Yeshua-Lyth at Henley Lit Fest. Come say hello:

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Really looking forward to this event next week (autumn poetry is my favourite poetry)

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