Sunny Singh


"A first novel of rare scope and power." --- Hindustan Times

"This staggering claim for the novel as metaphor for dreams..." --- El Faro

"Single In The City" is less an operational manual than a way of networking experience, and for that alone it is an interesting read."--- Business Standard

"Hand in hand with Sunny Singh, you can't possibly put the wrong foot forward."--- Indian Review of Books

"The novel is entirely credible and contains characters so well painted that they are genuinely truthful." --- ABC

"The author succeeds as a successful Bollywood film does. One is eager to reach the climax." --- Marie Claire

--------Forthcoming in 2015 -------- HOTEL ARCADIA


Sunny Singh is a London-based writer. She has published two novels, a non-fiction book on lives of single women in India, numerous short stories and essays.

Her new novel, Hotel Arcadia, will be published by Arcadia Books in Spring 2015.

She is represented by The Susijn Agency.

1 week ago

I will be part of this day dedicated to online presence of women. Do join us, if you can

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3 weeks ago

A reminder that the forgotten victims of war – great or small – are often civilians:

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3 weeks ago

For Hindi readers here, and for the World War 1 centenary, this short story by Chandradhar Sharma Guleri:

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3 weeks ago

For the World War centenary, these sorrowful, wise words of Rudyard Kipling:

If any question why we died,
Tell them, because our fathers lied.

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1 month ago

My twitter talk with Digital Women UK on online safety, sexist abuse and trolling

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